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"Rat Bastard" is our multi award winning feature film!

The film won several festival awards including a "Best Comedy" medal at the Worldfest International Film Festival. Critics said that the film was, "...a Fellini-esque good time" and "...much better than most films released these days.

"You Are Nothing" is a scripted dark comedy cleverly disguised as a parody of a self-help video series. Winner of the coveted :Best Web Series" award at the New Media Film Festival (as well as many other awards), "You Are Nothing" follows the journey that is Mitch Repter's life as he goes from happy, moderately successful married guy, to a lonely, unemployed wreck who has hallucinations about a beautiful woman everywhere he goes. "You Are Nothing" features Henry Winkler,  Maria Bamford, Joel Bryant, and Tessa Munro.

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